There are many of cleaning firms out there and the distinction between a decent, bad, and superb cleaning firm actually make a huge difference. So how can you tell which professional cleaning company to use? Here are top 15 items to search in choosing a cleaning service. After reading this list, you will learn how to check which cleaning company is good and which one is not (before you hire them).

Ask for a quote from at least 3 cleaning agencies

There are a few reasons why this needs to be done. Not just to understand that cleaning organization is the best priced but also to find out how much difference is there in terms of cost for the same cleaning service. If the discrepancy in costs is significantly different, this will tell you something and provide you a reason to be cynical.

Also, when checking for what the cost of services are, it is highly recommended to ask whether the cost of service includes all (the cleaning supplies and labor ) and how much a particular cleaning service may be an additional to the cleaning services that are offered.

Ask how long they have been operating.

There are many cleaning agencies that come and go so a cleaning company that has managed to remain in business for awhile states something positive about the company. While longevity is not a promise of bliss, it ought to be an element that’s considered in.

Ask if they promise to fulfil their work.

Majority of cleaning agencies say “100% satisfaction guaranteed”. Does this mean that they will provide you with a refund if you’re dissatisfied? It is essential to check this out prior in hiring anyone to do a cleaning job for you (particularly those who guarantee cleaning satisfaction)

Request a listing of references.

A cleaning agency will most likely have loyal and unhappy customers. It is a good idea to request a list of references so that you can feel comfortable knowing that you’re negotiating with a cleaning business that has a huge client base of happy clients.

Can they supply all of the cleaning services that you require?

When choosing a professional cleaner, it is ideal to know all of the services they provide. Why hire a lot of cleaning agencies when you’re able to hire one to do all the tasks you need? It would be a lot easier to track just one company you’re dealing (rather than needing to go on every list each time you hire a new cleaning firm) over many? It is essential to do a background check of all of the services they provide prior to hiring them. Whether there are just two cleaning agencies to choose and all other things being equal, perhaps it’s best to hire the one that provides a variety of cleaning services.

Do they supply “green” cleaning products?

Due to the great influx of the green cleaning movement, one can hire a green cleaning agency without having to worry if the products being used are less good since they are good for you. Right now, “green” cleaning does a great job in comparison with “non-green” cleaning. Always look for the authentic green seal if you are looking for professional green cleaners.

Do they provide 24×7 emergency cleaning?

When there’s an emergency, like flooding, broken pipes, clogged toilet, or other similar issues which have to be promptly dealt with, it is reassuring that you can call the cleaning agency at any point in time to save from any issues that may occur. In fact, your cleaning company should become familiar with your location and has access to it, therefore it is easier for them to fix cleaning disasters and emergencies than someone who has not worked for you before.

Is the business licensed, bonded and insured?

It is essential to consider that a cleaning company is licensed to do the job. Also ensure they are bonded for them to be accountable for any damages, loss, or failures that might occur. A professional cleaning agency being bonded guarantees that you won’t need to endure any losses on their part since the agency is responsible for any damages, or failures that could possibly arise. Additionally, never hire a cleaning agency that can’t show a proof of evidence they are insured.

Is there a dedicated customer support assigned to your account?

At times it’s tough to have a direct contact with the person who’s working for you and if you contact the cleaning company you might be routed to someone unfamiliar with your account. Ensure to know who’s working on your account and if there’s a phone number you can call (so you do not have to waste unnecessary time being transferred and scoping them out).

How do you know if your requests are being monitored as well as concerns you have?

Ask how the company deals with your requests or concerns. How do you know if the issue is resolved or still open? Ensure the company has a process in place to evaluate, address and follow-up.

Is the company offering a custom-cleaning service?

Prior to a cleaning agency give you with a quotation, they need to visit your location and ask questions what it is that you wanted and how they can personalize the job. It is essential to hire professional cleaners that have a customized cleaning job plan. After all, you’re hiring them so they ought to supply you with everything you need, not what they desire.

Are the cleaners trained in best industry strategies?

Having a cleaning team that is properly trained, will ensure that the cleaning company that you hire will provide you the best cleaning service available. Additionally, it is important to ensure the team is well-trained since a certain property (such as floors and desks) can unintentionally be scratched if cleaned improperly, so always be aware to hire a trained cleaning firm is properly trained to avoid accidental scratches.

Investigate if the agency is doing a background check on cleaning staff

You’re providing your cleaning agency access to your own property. Ensure that they cleaners are reputable (this really should be given and when a company doesn’t perform background check, it is doubtful they would remain in business very long).

Do they have a deep cleaning program?

Sadly many cleaning agencies neglect detailed cleaning. Detailed cleaning (also referred to as high dusting) is working on a thorough cleaning task, cleaning the air vents and vacuuming to avoid buildup of dust and dirt. Consult your cleaning firm if they work on deep cleaning. Otherwise, find one who does, because doing so is the best method to ensure buildup of germs and grime won’t occur.

High dusting should be done a lot of times, so ask how they do it. Additionally, “Google” how frequent you should do heavy cleaning so you know how often they work out a deep cleaning that is really often enough.

Ask about how they inspect the location and the cleaning they perform.

For you to be certain a cleaning company supply you with good service possible, it is vital to ensure they have periods in which they inspect your place to check its cleanliness. Cleaning firms must do periodic inspections; this only proves that a cleaning company cares and is not just doing a one-off cleaning job. You can relate this to a doctor where you need constant “health checks” to see how are you doing.

If you follow these 15 golden points, you’re guaranteed to find a better cleaning company rather than just searching nowhere. Take the time to find the best cleaning service and use this checklist to maximize your cleaning success. Wishing you luck in finding the best cleaning service near you!

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