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Do you love to cook for family and friends during the holidays? Love to entertain but dread the cleanup? Tired of being stuck in the kitchen while everyone is watching their favorite Christmas movies and board games? It’s easy for things to get out of control inside the kitchen. Pile of dirty dishes in the sink, used plates start to gather on the counter-tops, and those food containers that are greasy and everything? Ugh.

This holiday season, use these tips to maximize the way you work in the kitchen to keep it neat and tidy while having fun entertaining your loved ones over the Holidays.

Wait, are you thinking of the scene in the movie ‘Sing’ where Rosita invented the machine that does all her work so that she can go to the audition?

That would be cool right? But nope, that’s not what I am talking about.

If you don’t really have time to do this much work, you can always hire or get house cleaning services near you.

The tips listed below means you’ll spend less time working and more time enjoying! You may even pick up a trick or two that you can use in your everyday chores.

  • Clean up your mess right away! As you’re preparing a meal, clean up pans, pots, and other cooking utensils as you go. For instance, if you melt butter in a pan for a sauce, rinse the pan, and put it in the dishwasher before moving onto the next step in the recipe. In addition, put ingredients back in the cabinets or refrigerator immediately after using them. Practicing this tip means you won’t have a trail of dirty pans, dishes, and utensils to clean up after finishing your preparation. That little spill on your stove is a lot easier to clean up right away than waiting for the next day to come, right?
  • Wipe down the kitchen every night after dinner and put out a fresh dish towel. You can load up the dishwasher or wash the dishes. You can easily see the result the next morning, you’ll be happy to arrive at the kitchen without a pile of dirty dishes waiting for you.
  • Utilize food storage containers. Plastic containers help keep items such as flour, sugar, breadcrumbs, and sliced vegetables neat and organized. Plus, keeping these ingredients in plastic containers gives you an easy access to them when they’re needed.Maid Cleaning Services Melbourne
  • Put a colander by the sink for dirty silverware – this is a quick trick to keeping silverware out of the sink and possibly down the drain or garbage disposal. Once the colander is filled up, place it in the sink and rinse the silverware and wash or put in the dishwasher.
  • Not surprisingly, trying to measure half a cup of sugar straight from its bag can result in sugar spilled on your counter-tops and floor. However, keeping your sugar in a plastic container makes it easy to measure without spilling. Using plastic containers can save you a lot of cleanup work after a meal.
  • Before setting up for guests, put everything away and wipe down your island or that part of the counter you use to set out silver wares before the party. This will make sure that everything is ready to go and your party is nice and clean to put everything down.
  • Gather silverware in a cup or pre-roll them in napkins to make sure that you have enough of everything (but always make sure that you have the actual number of guests, or you may want to add a little number to what you expect) and to keep it easy for your family and friends to locate that spoon and fork they will munch on.
  • Separate a beverage bar. It makes everything look cool and organized. Beverages can be set up ahead before your guest’s requests or ask for your refrigerator. Of course, make sure to have towels ready in case someone spills!
  • Make some dishes ahead. Some dishes can be prepared ahead of time, dishes that won’t spoil over a little time or dishes that should be refrigerated. If you can purchase rolls, salads, and other pre-made items, that would be awesome! It will save you time preparation and clean up time.
  • Kitchen Cleaning Services MelbourneCreate a clean space to lay everything out while you’re setting up serving areas. Organizing your refrigerator and pantry can make you feel more in control of things when you go to prepare a holiday meal. Organizing the refrigerator may mean putting all your salad dressing bottles on the door along with other condiments such as the mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise.
  • Use craft paper or chalkboard paper instead of tablecloths so that kids can doodle on the paper. No tablecloths to wash, and fun activity for the kiddos!
  • Make your own holiday scented disinfecting kitchen spray cleaner. It will give your efforts a “brand” and will make you look cool!

Cooking for holidays can be a pain in the ass. These are just tips on how you can organize your own cleaning strategy. Don’t you think that getting a house cleaning service can put your mind at ease after the holiday party? It’s really hard to cook for everyone and then also clean up the mess after the night.

It feels so good to stay on top of everything during holidays. But getting a hand like house cleaning services in Melbourne makes your life run a little smoother. A kitchen that is always clean feels good, and finding a couple of ways to keep it clean during the holidays is especially helpful.

A clean kitchen is relaxing, and family and friends will surely enjoy visiting your home every now and then because of the fresh and clean environment that you have.

If you are living in Melbourne and starts to think that you need a hand cleaning up your house, don’t hesitate to contact us! You can visit our website and go to our booking page or you may call us at 321-373-0161 and we will be more than happy to serve you!