Looking for house cleaning services near you because you’re too lazy or too busy to properly clean your house? You are not alone. The very idea of putting on an apron and donning a pair of rubber gloves can break the strongest of us.

Cleaning is really something no person normally wishes to do so since spending the day with a vacuum cleaner is no one’s idea of fun. Normally, much like with everything else, we need some extra motivation to finally get up and clean our homes.

Learning that our homes are in fact more infested with germs than a public trash can is surely motivation enough. Besides toilet seats, everything from kitchen appliances to computers are riddled with bacteria.

Once you’re motivated to start cleaning, and you should be at this point, you should start by forming a home cleaning schedule. This schedule dedicates a certain time for every single part of your house. Of course to clean your house you will need some home cleaning tips as well.

Following are details on how to clean your home and how often. Scroll on the pages below the images to view.


Hand Opens Microwave OvenYou must clean your microwave once every week. Conventional wisdom of microwaves killing bacteria is not holding up against recent studies which show microwaves to instead be infested with them. Therefore it is essential to keep your microwave free off any spills and other unwanted materials. Wiping it once every week is key and doing a thorough cleaning every other week can help as well. Instead of utilizing market cleaners, wiping the steam of a mixture of water and vinegar heated in the microwave can lead to your microwave sparkling inside. Use a sponge for better wiping. Sponges are gentle as well.

Bed Linens

Bed Linen Home InteriorsThey should be cleaned once every two weeks. Bed linens are traditionally considered to be very dirty. However, this is not the case since the most harmful germ associated with bed linens rarely attaches itself there. Dust mites sound scary but according to research they only attach themselves to moving objects. So it’s not possible to have a dust mite attach itself to you while you’re in bed. However, if your bed has seen a lot of unkempt and dirty you, then it should be cleaned every other week.


Bathroom Cleaning ServicesYou should clean your bathtub every week. Toilets have traditionally taken the blame for being the dirtiest thing in your bathroom. However, recent studies show that toilets are in fact far cleaner than good old bathtubs. According to a study conducted in Boston where a bathtub’s germs were compared to a garbage can’, the results were not very positive. The studies showed that around 26% of all bathtubs tested possessed a serious skin infection causing microorganism that was present only in 6% of the garbage cans tested. Yes, the findings are indeed quite scary. So make sure to clean your bathtub every single week.


Kitchen Cleaning Services Once a month seems like the correct frequency for cleaning a refrigerator. Much like microwaves, refrigerators are highly prone to microorganisms. According to an estimate, salad cabinets are home to around 750 times the normal livable level of bacteria. Since cleaning refrigerators is a very tedious process, doing it once a month seems appropriate.

Personal Computers

Office Cleaning Services This dirty machine needs a cleaning every week. According to studies, a whopping 70% of all Americans eat while sitting in front of their computers. This leads to food falling down and getting inside keyboards and other parts of the computer as well. Another study points out that keyboards are home to five times more bacteria than a toilet, that’s honestly crazy. Furthermore, a huge number of people never clean their keyboards. It’s necessary to clean your computer once every week. Make sure to use a disinfectant spray on most of the body. Cleaning the mouse is crucial since your hand touches it all the time. Using an alcohol covered cotton swab to clean between the keyboard keys is advised.


Woman with a PillowOur fluffy pillow’s coverings need a good thorough cleaning every three months. Although pillowcase protectors are a fantastic way of protecting your bed from dust mites and grime, it is essential to clean the pillow itself. Although the frequency of pillow replacement depends on allergies of the user, cleaning your pillow every three months is strongly advised.


Mattresses Cleaning ServicesThe most important part of your bed needs to be patted down and cleaned once every two months. Cleaning linen seems like common sense, but making sure that the mattress is clean as well is imperative. Washing your mattress every 2 months is strongly advised. According to an expert, a certain hack can be the best way to clean your mattress. Sprinkle baking soda on it to absorb odor. Then after vacuuming the mattress, spray some Lysol to kill the bacteria and wipe it all clean.


Carpet Cleaning Services Carpets are some of the most tedious accessories in your home. They should be cleaned every six to twelve months depending on the presence of a pet. Conventional vacuuming is not enough to clean a carpet and it is important to clean the floor as well. Therefore, instead of doing it yourself, it is better to a hire a professional steam service to clean your carpet once or twice every year.


Colorful TowelsEver notice that your towels start to smell after a few uses? That’s because millions of dead skin cells are attracted to the towels and join with it. So clean your towels after every three uses.

Kitchen Countertop

Kitchen Countertops CleaningAn active kitchen requires a lot of cleaning. Although you must be wiping your kitchen countertops clean every single day, you need to be more careful about it. According to experts, countertops near sinks are still very dirty since food filled sponges are used to wipe them clean. So replace your sponges at a decent rate.

If you follow the tips and the schedules, a relatively germ free home is guaranteed. However, if this feels too tedious, better look for those home cleaning services near you. Contact us for assistance!