Few questions go hand-in-hand when it comes to hiring cleaners. The most important ones are:

Do you have the time to hire cleaners regularly? Is the amount of money you are willing to spend worth it? Does the experience of the cleaners speak for themselves?

These questions about hiring cleaners should only help when… You need a regular cleaner, and… They recommend a reliable cleaner to you – but you want to be sure they are up to scratch.

There is so much choice and not enough time to make the right choice. So how do you get the right cleaner? You should never choose someone based on price – there’s no point in hiring someone who charges less if the work gets done faster. Also, make sure the cleaner has the experience and bonded because that ensures quality service.

If you are short of time to find cleaners, you could ask friends or family to recommend someone. Sometimes though, finding someone is difficult, and you might not know what to look for. It’s worth spending a bit of time doing some research before you find a good cleaner.

The first question to ask: “What type of cleaning do they specialize in?” Some cleaners specialize in cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, bath cleaning, etc. Others in a particular service, such as kitchen cleaning. Decide what type of cleaning needs you have before going out looking.

Secondly, do your research into the company’s background. It doesn’t mean finding them through the yellow pages – there are plenty of websites that review cleaners and tell you what people think about them. But if you really can’t afford to spend money on a full report, try looking at testimonials from past customers of other clients. Check online reviews – and see if there are any complaints against them, whether these have been resolved. If you find plenty of complaints and negative comments, you might want to think twice about doing business with them.

Don’t need cleaning done straight away? Ask the cleaning company for a list of services they can provide for a fee, or estimate the amount they will do in one day.

Finally, you will probably want to know if you need to hire cleaners that can take care of your house before and after a move and your local area’s condition. Ask if they would be able to pick up after your pets, sweep your floor, and give advice on maintaining the condition of your home.

You may also want to choose a cleaning company that provides free quote. A good cleaning company will consider your budget, the nature of your house, and your taste when they come up with a quote. Find out if they can give you tips on saving money by making a few simple changes.

The next thing to check is the quality of the cleaning you get – this should be done by calling the company or giving them a call yourself. Be sure to ask questions like: is the equipment they use clean and safe? Are they environmentally friendly?

Ask to see proof of their clean-up. Cleaners should be able to show how they clean and take pictures so you can see the results. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to hire them in person – it just means you have a visual to refer back to at a later date when you are trying to decide whether or not they’re right for you. And if the cleaning is shoddy or poorly done, they won’t be able to justify the price they quote you paid for the service.

When looking for a cleaner, don’t forget to ask for references. You may find that a cleaner that has several, and you might not be able to find that perfect cleaner for your particular cleaning needs – but a good one will help you ensure that you are getting the best possible service.