Many people find it quite difficult to keep their house clean. There could be a lot of reason behind this struggle i.e. their busy schedule forbids them to thoroughly clean the house. In addition to that, some people have young kids around who keep the house muddled with a lot of unnecessary mess.

If you belong to the same group, then join the club!
In this article, we will thoroughly discuss a detailed house cleaning checklist that you should apply in order to make your house tidy.

Gear up for a House Cleaning Marathon

The house cleaning checklist involves four different cleaning intervals that are explained in detail below:


The struggle of keeping your house clean on a daily basis is real. However, this idea can be crafted into reality via simple steps. You just have to stay vigilant on a daily basis and keep on cleaning the muddle that has been cluttering your house.

You should also train your kids about the benefits of daily cleaning. Furthermore, you can set out rules for them so that when they grow up they know about the importance of cleanliness. They might even add this custom to their house cleaning checklist as well. The added benefit of daily cleaning is it will require you less effort to clean the house with the passage of time.


Try to weekly wipe out the house so that if you missed out a cleaning session for two or three days you can always prevent the junk from piling up.


A monthly deep cleanup will be equally essential in your house cleaning checklist. This will ensure that if you have left any spots during your daily or weekly cleaning marathons you can clean them later on.

Cleaning Techniques


Try to keep your curtains down during daylight and clean the dust on a regular basis. You should also vacuum your carpets so that the dust does not find a home.

Mopping the Floor

Daily mop the floor with a damp mop and if you have wood floor avoid using excessive water on the surface.

Window Cleaning

Glass and window cleaning is equally essential as vacuuming the carpets of your house.

Seek Professional Help

Sometimes your house requires deep cleaning. You cannot always keep the house clean and that’s why you should talk to professional companies. You can also look for ‘house cleanings services near me’ on the internet. You will find many proficient house cleaning services in Melbourne and one of them is Magic Mop Cleaning where you can book a thorough cleaning session.

Final Thoughts

If you are able to follow this house cleaning checklist, then I am sure that you will able to keep your house clean. On the other hand, if you hire professional house cleaning services it will be a lot beneficial for you because these companies make sure that aside from mopping the floors the environment is also cleaned from any infections. They also keep in mind all the necessary measures and will not leave any place untreated.